Currently, all 16 of the Fulbright scholars are living in a hotel on the campus. The accommodations are great. We get our beds made every morning, towels changed, toilet paper, even the occasional packet of tea. Our room originally was much smaller than the pictures show. Mike, my roommate, and I took it into our power to rearrange the room to better use the space. One of two problems is that the heater is always on, and it is very hot. We asked the front desk about it and the whole hotel is controlled by the same heating system. So we end up opening the window at night to counteract the excessive heat. I wish I didn’t have to waste such energy, but it’s nearly unbearable to sleep in it. The second problem is the pluming. The pipes go through each room from the last creating a very smelly system. As I mentioned, the room gets very hot, and the bathroom tends to get just the same way. The system is set up so the sewage floors down each floor, so whoever lives about you is the determiner of how your bathroom smells, unfortunately. I have no idea who lives above us but he must not like us. There is this stench that, if I hadn’t had a cold all this time, may have killed off my olfactory sense. We finally got something to take care of the smell, but it only covers it. But besides those two problems we have a pretty good set up going.

We will be moving out of this hotel soon unfortunately. Originally we were supposed to stay for the entire 8 months here, besides the home stay, but they are redoing the pipes system and need to evacuate the building for a few months. Thankfully they took our complaints seriously. We are moving to a nearby hotel also on campus. I’m not sure what the living situation will be like there, but I’m a little sad to be leaving the room we’ve put so much into.

I will meet my host family this weekend, so it will be good to have a meet and greet. Obviously a little nervous, with the language barrier, but I’ll do my best.


2 thoughts on “我的房间

  1. Very clever shifting the bed sideways, definitely makes more room for activities 🙂 Timely that they should be re-working the pipes after you have arrived, eh?

    Keep up the updates little bro. Looks like a very interesting time you are having over there. Good advice for any adventure: “You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – JRR Tolken

    Keep your feet, Carl! 😀 Love Lucas

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