This was really exciting. To be in another country for their most important holiday of the year. This is comparable to Christmas in America. The whole town is decorated, so you can imagine how the feast is. You eat a large breakfast, and a large dinner and that’s it. When midnight rolls around it’s the New Year, and you eat the dumplings you make with the family. There was a variety of dishes from fish to meat and all kinds of vegetables. I had a few firsts, including mussels, but that wasn’t even close to the weirdest thing I ate. I looked down at the table and saw a bug, some sort of bug. I looked on with a horrific look and with a smile I tried to refuse, but my host mother was insistent. I found out that it was a silk worm… I included pictures about it. It had the hard exterior and a juicy interior. The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. Overall, the meal was delicious and I topped it off with whats known as 果皮 which is a fruity kind of carbonated drink. This one in particular was 菠萝, very delicious. One word, French Fries!


Fries      Muscle%20 Silk%20Worm        Food%202       Food       guo%20pi



This was my first experience riding a bus in Xi’an, and I must say it was an interesting one. I learned quite a bit from this ride, remembering that one of my classmates had his cellphone stolen on a bus in Xi’an a few days ago. Today sure was an experience. The bus I was taking was to go to an excellent bookstore, within the city walls, was packed. First I realized I needed to pay close attention to what stop I was at and how many I had left to go because of how bad the announcer speaker was on the bus. Half way through the bus ride I realized that I was getting pick pocketed. I felt someone trying to reach into my back pockets. I subtly checked over my shoulder and realized it was a little girl of 6 or 7. I then realized that a woman kept checking on me to see if I was paying attention. I assumed this was her mother and they were working together using such a clever system to rob foreigners. Even if I had turned around and saw this little girl I couldn’t have accused her of stealing because she would pretend to not know what was going on. I didn’t want to embarrass her, and thankfully I had anticipated this could happen so my phone and wallet were in my front jean pockets where my hands were protecting them. I thought to myself the rest of the bus ride how horrible it was that this mother had taught her daughter that that was the right thing to do.



Sichuan hot pot is very delicious and very expensive. The restaurant was really clean and well ventilated. Servers were constantly checking in on the table to make sure everyone’s needs are being met. My host father ordered a variety of dishes including, shrimp, sheep, cow, and even bullfrog. There is a saying in Chinese 入乡随俗, I may have mentioned before, it means, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So I decided to eat my fill of bullfrog. If my family hadn’t told me it was bullfrog, I wouldn’t have known. The taste is a little different from beef, but hardly noticeable when soaked in a mixture of sauces. The hot pot is communal. One half of the hot pot was spicy, and one half was not spicy. The Canadian in me decided to shy away from the spicy side, my stomach later thanked me!


Hot%20Pot%203           Hot%20Pot%202



It is customary to wash all dirty laundry during this time period. You should also wash your jacket, which I wasn’t aware of. I only brought one jacket and it seemed to frustrate my host mother a little, but I apologized and she seemed okay. It would have been difficult to hand wash a P-coat in a small sink. Afterwards, around 10 we went to eat a big breakfast. During Chinese New Year you only eat 2 meals, breakfast and an early dinner, then at midnight you eat dumplings to celebrate the passing of the New Year. It is customary to buy firecrackers. So, we bought fireworks. My host father and brother were explaining about the firecrackers, or bian pao 鞭炮. Lots of people were in the streets setting them off. There is rarely a silent moment during New Years Eve, everyone is setting off fire works and loud ones. We were walking by a little boy who tossed what seemed to be a relatively small ball at the ground; it made a crack worthy of a sonic boom. He was about a meter away and my ears hurt pretty badly it was so loud. Soon we went to my host fathers mothers house and started the festivities. They were playing mahjong and watching New Year Eve shows. After a little while I actually made dumplings. It was actually really hard to get it exactly right, but I did my best and had a good time. After we ate our midnight meal of dumplings and celebrated. Traditional Chinese New Year states that the parents give the children money in these “Red money bags”. He explained the tradition to me in Chinese so I was a little lost, but I was really excited to be part of this tradition.


Hong%20Bao           Hong%20Bao%202        Mahjong%20             GatheringDumpling%203







We went to a place called Metro(美罗). It is comparable to Costco and it didn’t disappoint. It was packed with people. I found out that for Chinese New Year they love to eat fish, which is a symbol of luck and prosperity. So we bought a lot of fish. Ranging from clams to crab and shrimp. I told myself when the time comes I will try all of it. I have a safety net because we got some pork chops, and we are going to cook up a hotpot. While I was there with my host mom and host aunt, I was practicing Chinese by trying to read the labels on things. It didn’t go too well, but they were more than willing to help. It was extremely busy though. Getting a cart down the aisle was a nightmare, so much that I stopped trying to maneuver the cart. People would just come and start grabbing things out of your cart to examine them and ask a ton of questions about each thing making the process a whole lot longer.  One of the funnier things about this place, was it had very explicit rap music playing on the loud speakers, songs I knew about. I’m sure everyone in that place had no idea what was being said, but it made me laugh because the music didn’t match the atmosphere they were going for. It also wasn’t the most sanitary set up, they had giant slabs of meat hanging from hooks like they would in a butchery freezer, but these were in an open room that was chilled to 0 degrees C. I was taller than nearly everyone in the place, until I realized that there was someone much taller. We passed by this woman who was 6’7”, at least, and towered over everyone. She was of Asian decent, so this definitely a rare sight. My host mother also noticed me eying the ice cream, and she got me some! Loving the experience.

Metro%206          Metro%207Metro%205          Metro%204 Metro%208          Metro%203 metro%202          Metro%201