Since February 25th, the Chinese students have resumed school for their spring semester. However, international students don’t begin school until the 4th of March. In order to know what level our Chinese is at, we had to take a placement test. They access you and place you in levels ranging from 1 to 8, with 8 being the hardest international students can take without actually taking normal classes with other Chinese students. The worst part of the test was the 8:30 starting time. There was a reading and writing portion, as well as a speaking portion to access your level of Chinese. Because my roommate and I were up late last night playing on a newly bought dartboard, we went to bed really late. I went into this test, dazed and still very sleepy and went right into it. The test was four pages double sided, that entailed various kinds of questions. Thankfully my reading is the best of my Chinese skills, so I did fairly well. Unfortunately, some questions had quite a bit of ambiguity to them so it ended up coming down to one question or the other. After I finished the writing class, they assessed my level of speaking. I sat face to face with a teacher and we began talking about where I’m from, and the group I came with. We talked for about 5 minutes and she put me into either 4th level or 5th level. Her explanation was because my reading is at a relatively high level, I could be in 5th level, but since my listening could use some work, 4th level could also work. She told me to check out the textbooks since this was only a recommendation. After looking at the book for level 5, I realized what I’m about to get myself into. The translations of the new vocabulary words are in Chinese; there is not an English word to be found. However, I am willing to take this challenge head on and put in all the hours I need to continue to grow as a Chinese speaker.


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