My Trip

This trip to China is going to be very exciting! I will be staying in the city of Xi’an, which resides in the province of Shaan’xi. First, I will spend five weeks studying chinese language intensively to prepare myself for the next two weeks. After these five weeks, I will stay with a Chinese host family for two weeks. This will be during the Chinese New Year, so I will experience a true celebratory event, and not have to live it vicariously through other’s experiences and pictures. After that, in March, I will be beginning my spring semester at Shaan’xi Normal University (陕西师范大学). I am not entirely sure how long this semester lasts, but I will be able to choose my classes. Afterwards, I will be working at a high tech development zone. Again, not sure about exact duties, but I will post as things progress. Once this is finished, myself and the rest of the Fulbright team will travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou. I will leave from Shanghai on the 20th of August, and return to all I’ve come to know and love that is Boston Massachusetts.


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